Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse media resources are available in the north vestibule of the church.
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Lighthouse Catholic Media
For those of you who would like to learn more about our beautiful Catholic faith, we’ve now got some great on-line resources available to every member of our parish through a new program called Formed. This online program includes a variety of free resources, including on-line books, movies, podcasts, and faith formation programs for people of all ages. In order to access these resources, just go to: and click on “Find Out More” at the bottom of the homepage. You will be taken to page where you can enter a parish code to get access to the resources. Our parish code is: Y6ZQ8M. (If you forget the code, you can always get it by calling our parish office.) Once you’ve logged in under our parish code, you can create your personal profile and login. Our parish is paying an annual fee for this service, so please make use of this terrific resource!

Sacred Music Class: July 2016

Presented by Stefano Monaco, choir member, St. Ann Parish


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