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-Father Timothy S. Reid

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April 11, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

A blessed Divine Mercy Sunday to you all!

It was so wonderful to have such nice crowds last weekend for Easter! After last year, I was so happy to be able to celebrate the Triduum and Easter Sunday Mass with you again. I am also very grateful for everyone’s cooperation and patience with the reservation process and check-in, and I’m grateful, too, for the understanding of those who had to sit outside or in the gym.

Some of you have asked when we will be able to remove the 250-person limit in church, especially now that so many people are vaccinated and the numbers of those getting COVID has dropped so much. While I don’t know for certain, I hope it’s not too far off. The diocese (under the bishop’s direction) has provided directives for us to follow in dealing with COVID to protect your right to worship, but also to help prevent its spread. Unlike other dioceses, our diocese has given us some latitude with protocols for our churches. Knowing that our parish population is much younger than most and generally less fearful, I’ve implemented only the minimum protocols required – all with the goal of making your experience of Mass and the Sacraments as normal as possible given present circumstances. We’ve tried to stay safe while not overly prioritizing physical health over spiritual health.

We’ve had a less wiggle room when it’s come to using the school and Allen Center. This is because while you have a legally protected right to worship with or without a mask, the same is not true for our activities inside the school and Allen Center. This is why I’ve insisted that you wear masks in those buildings when sharing space with someone not of your household. This is not a random rule that I’ve put in place, but rather a diocesan directive that I’m expected to enforce as a pastor. As more people get vaccinated and the spread of COVID decreases, the diocese will revise and loosen the COVID protocols.

Navigating the difficult and unknown waters of the pandemic this past year in order to balance safety and people’s legitimate spiritual needs has been a tremendous challenge for our staff and me. There have been widely varying opinions on everything related to COVID, so it’s been hard to know whose opinion to trust at times. I am thankful for your patience, good humor, and cooperation. While we may disagree with one another at times on how best to deal with the pandemic, let’s all remember that we’re still one parish family united in faith, hope, and charity. Let’s be respectful of one another’s opinions and personal decisions. And let’s all pray that, as we celebrate this magnificent feast in honor of Our Lord’s Divine Mercy, God will have mercy on us and on the whole world by freeing us soon from this plague that has so disrupted our lives.

A blessed Easter Season to you all,

Fr. Reid