St. Ann’s Catholic Church is known as the “Little Parish with the Big Heart." We support numerous charities in the community and worldwide. We feed the hungry and help with the primary needs of the poor. Our 23rd annual carnival is October 5, 2019, and we are offering two cash raffles. Please support our ministries by participating in one or both of the raffles below:

Classic 3-Prize Raffle
  • 1st Prize is $2000, 2nd Prize is $500, and 3rd Prize is $150
  • The tickets are $5 each or 6 for $25. There is no cap on the number of tickets to be sold
  • Buy your ticket Now by clicking on ‘Purchase Tickets.'
50/50 Split Raffle (NEW!!)
We will split 50% of Total Sales into several (2-6) evenly divided cash prizes. For Example:
  • There are 3000 tickets available for purchase at $20 each
  • If all 3000 tickets are sold by 5:30 pm on October 5, 2019, we will have raised a TOTAL of $60,000. $30,000 (50% of Total Sales) will be given away as six (6) Prizes of $5000 each, to 6 different individuals
  • If we Do Not sell all 3000 tickets, the carnival committee will split 50% of the Total Sales into several (2-6) evenly divided cash prizes (not to exceed $5000 each). For example: If 2750 tickets are sold, the cash prizes would be 6 prizes of $4583.33 each
  • Please help us to meet our Target of selling ALL 3000 tickets of this Exciting, New Raffle!
  • Buy your ticket Now by clicking on ‘Purchase Tickets.’
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